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Guidlines for authors in preparing their presentations can be downloaded from:

  • Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

Manuscripts for Inclusion in Symposium Proceedings

Following peer review, the collection of papers presented at the 16th ISRD will be published as an ASTM Selected Technical Papers (STP). These STPs are available in both PDF and hardcopy form. See ASTM Standards and Publications for further information regarding STPs and other publications available from ASTM. The STP will be indexed by:

Manuscripts for inclusion in the STP are to be submitted via ScholarOne Manuscripts Central prior to the close of the Symposium, May 12, 2017. Corresponding authors will be sent an invitation and instructions for submitting their manuscripts, including an appropriate link. Additional information for authors can be found at:

Please observe the following:

  • Manuscripts will be limited to 8 printed pages, including any figures and tables. This is equivalent to approximately 4000 words. Figures and tables of normal size can be counted as 250 words each. These limits are necessary so that all approved papers can be accommodated in the STP volume.

  • Manuscripts must be prepared in Microsoft Word. Do not submit PDFs. Figures should be prepared according to the guidelines found in the link above. Equations should be prepared using the native equation editor in Word. Do not worry about choice of font or other formatting. Your manuscript will be formatted appropriately by the publisher.

  • The hardcopy form of the STP will be printed in black-and-white. Although figures may be submitted in color, and will appear in color in the PDF form of the STP, authors must ensure that the figures translate satisfactorily for black-and-white printing and that there is no reference to color when describing the figures in the text.

Manuscripts for Distribution at Symposium -- CLOSED

Copies of preliminary papers presented at the Symposium will be distributed on digital media to all registrants for their personal use. These will not yet be peer reviewed, and cannot be referenced or further disseminated. If you wish your paper to be included in this distribution, it must be submitted via the Symposium website no later than April 28, 2017. This version (Word or PDF) should be formatted with 1" inch margins with a page size of 8 1/2" x 11" or A4.

  • Manuscript Submittal


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